Celebs Warm Welcome To Controversial Tweeter


Kamaal R Khan – Back To Twitter:


The social media platform of Twitter is a place where all kind of people co-exists together. Sometimes the opinions of some of these people are extreme which evoke adverse reactions. Bollywood actor Kamaal R Khan is one such person whose existence was solely based on provocation.

Kamaal R Khan
Kamaal R Khan

Many times Kamaal R Khan, popularly known as KRK made racist remarks on Southern stars. It irked many fans. The Bollywood stars too were not spared, and finally, it reached a point where the ID on the Twitter had to be deleted by the officials.


After a long gap, KRK is back again on Twitter promising to be a new man. He has been given a second chance. Many celebs from the film industry have welcomed him with warm wishes. We have to see if there is indeed a change or if KRK will be back to his old ways?

Here’s the twitter ID of Kaamal R Khan:



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