Deepika’s Empty Neck Photos In Discussions


Deepika Padukone RK Tattoo Removed:

Bollywood’s most favorite couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have been thrilling their fans with continuous uploads of their lovely pictures via social networking sites. A recent photo of Deepika became the talking point among the B-town circles.

Deepika Padukone RK Tattoo Removed
Deepika Padukone RK Tattoo Removed

It is a known thing that Deepika before meeting Ranveer had dated the chocolate boy Ranbir Kapoor. Their relationship was considered to be so deep such that this slim beauty sported a tattoo which reads like RK on her neck. She bore this tattoo even when she started dating Ranveer for as many as six years. In her recent photos, the RK tattoo went missing which explains that she already has erased both Ranbir Kapoor and his memories out of her life.


Now that she got married to her love Ranveer, this couple is having awesome moments with each other. Her fans are hailing for erasing the tattoo as her body and soul are now dedicated to Ranveer Singh.


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