One More Divorced B-Town Hero To Marry A Model?


Arjun Rampal And Gabriela Wedding News:

The makeups and breakups of actors are quite common in Bollywood earlier. Nowadays, we are witnessing the relationships of divorced actors and actresses with their co-stars. Stories and gossips of such affairs float every now and then on web media. But the South African Model Gabriella is gutsy enough to make her relationship official to the social media.

Arjun Rampal
Arjun Rampal

Going into the details, this supermodel who is familiar with her cameo in King Nag’s Oopiri is rumored to be dating Arjun Rampal of Rang de Basanti fame. This ex-character artist turned hero made news when he left his wife whom he loved and lead a married life for twenty years. Gabriela revealed a shirtless picture of Arjun Rampal on her microblogging site indirectly declaring their affair. Along with the Picture, Men date of the day also explains that she is currently dating Arjun Rampal.

Already Arjun Rampal was accused of having an affair with a star hero’s wife and this became the primary reason for the divorce from his wife. Let us wait for the official response from this tall hero.


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