Chi La Sow Movie Review


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Actor turned director Rahul Ravindran’s directorial debut “Chi La Sow” grandly released today. Sushanth and Ruhani Sharma played the lead roles in this movie. Actor Sushanth is in a low phase over a period of time and Rahul Ravindran’s career is also not so good. So Let’s see how Rahul’s new path is going to be?

Arjun(Sushanth) is 27 year old eligible bachelor for whom his mother is desperately trying to get him married. But Arjun had an other goal of fulfilling his dreams.So he rejected many proposals her mom brought and decided not to get married for 5 years atleast. But he got to meet Anjali(Ruhani Sharma) at his home who wants to get married desperately. Why Anjali wants to get married and what were the consequences they went through to get married is the remaining plot.

Artists Performances:
I think this is the best performance of Sushanth till date.Very composed and handsome as well. He has got the best looks out of all his movies. Actress Ruhani Sharma is the show stealer.Director wrote superb character to her.She looked very natural like any middle class girl. Singer Chinmayi’s voice is an added beauty to her. Vennela Kishore is hilarious as Sujith. Rahul Ramakrishna, JayaPrakash,Rohini did justice to their roles. Rohini got a good role as Anjali’s mother.

Technical Departments:
Prashanth R Vihari did a fabulous job in music. Especially “Mellaga Mellaga” is one gem of a song. Back ground score is also good.Photography by Sukumar is neat. Rahul Ravindran chosen a very sensible script and delivered his best.He took the best out of all artists. In that way he was totally succeeded.Writing work could have been more efficient especially in the 2nd half. Production Values are good.Actually there is nothing much to spend in this movie.Rahul Ravindran delivered his best in small budget.

1.Lead Pair.
2nd half.
A narrow story line.
Predictable at times.


Chi La Sow is clean,Sensible and Feel good love story.


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