Seema Tapakai Review



First things first, it’s an Allari Naresh movie, how is the comedy?
The comedy is fine and all the events post dating Aha Na Pellanta have been covered till the beginning of IPL 2011.

What is the film about is their any story?
The film is about a superrich guy falling in love with a Samaritan girl who hates superrich people. This is the overall plot of the film but it’s the screenplay which makes the film watch able.

How is the film overall?
The first half of the film is slow and the heroine’s character is irritating. Rest of the first half is repetitive. It’s the second half which has a nice flow and some very good scenes. The pre climax however drags a lot but the finale medley more than makes up for it.

Allari Naresh is fine, what about the rest of the cast?
Leaving aside Allari Naresh the film features the entire comedy fraternity of Telugu cinema barring few people. It is these people who make the film entertaining as they have to go through hilarious transformation during the course of the film.

What about the technical department?
We take offence to this question as this is a Allari Naresh film. But we couldn’t help but to mention the usage of trumpets from IPL theme tune to hilarious effect as background music whenever heroine starts her rant. That small bit of music brought the house down whenever used.

At least tell us about the director?
Fine the film is directed by Nageswara Reddy. He directed the film well and keeps the proceedings lively for most part. He handled the emotional scenes well too. This film is much better when compared to his previous outing with Allari Naresh Seema Shastri.

So what’s your verdict, should we watch it in theater?
The film is made such that it helps if you watch in theater. The environment and the crowd makes even some unfunny things seem funny. You won’t feel the enjoyment if you watch alone and may not get why people think its funny.

Didn’t get you a good comedy will be good whether watched alone or with crowd?
You are right but such comedies aren’t made anymore which have the timeless appeal. Today the comedies and especially of Allari Naresh’s are akin to fast food varieties like fast foods the taste dies so quickly, the enjoyment lasts as long as the food lasts i.e. you get entertained temporarily when in cinema but once you are out it doesn’t stick with you.

If you plan to watch it watch it in cinema, otherwise forget it.
Rating: 3.25/5

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