Is Ram Charan the New 'Mega Star' ?



Back in 2007 when ‘ Chirutha’ was released, audiences were eager to judge the son of Mega star Chiranjeevi. Amidst humonguous expectations and numerous comparisions with his father, Ram Charan debuted and delivered a commendable performance which is much needed to own him by those who love his Dad. But, immediately with his 2nd film, ‘Magadheera’ which turned out to be an unmatchable success at the Box-office Ram Chran promoted himself from being a Son of Megastar to Heir of Megastar. ‘Magadheera’ for Ram Charan did what ‘Khaidi’ has done for Chiranjeevi. Its success not only gave him the much needed break in his career but also brought him closer to a section of audience who will decide the fate of any big film, Masses.

Charan has faced his first failure in his career with ‘Orange’. In fact Charan tried to get closer to other sections by choosing a role which is best suited to his age, but it didn’t worked at the Box-office. Then by returning to his stronghold area where majority of audience liked him, he delivered consecutive Super hits in the form of Racha and Naayak. Here comes another hitch in his career with ‘Thoofaan’. Though we can’t complain about this film in Telugu as it was meant to be catered for bollywood audience and even in bollywood his first attempt ended in vain. But, Charan bounced back quickly by doing what he does best and delivered another super hit, ‘Yevadu’. Ram Charan has always made proper use of huge fan base he got from his father which helped him to deliver Hits even with an average content.

Back in late 80’s-90’s, Chiranjeevi gave continuous hits by doing films best suited him. Producers, Buyers had confidence in him that even his average film will earn profits for them. This consistency made Chiranjeevi a ‘Mega Star’ and helped him to enjoy the Top place in the industry. May be this is too early to compare Ram Charan who is only 7 films old with Chiranjeevi. But, Yes having Three 45+Cr Films, one 70+ Cr film under his belt and being only hero who has four films in Top 10 highest grosser at the Box-Office, Ram Charan is surely on his way to occupy the Throne of ‘Mega Star’ left by Chiranjeevi, his father.

We Cinecorn.Com wishing Ram Charan A Very Happy Birthday.

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