Goodachari Movie Review


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After the successful Kshanam Adivi Sesh now came up with a spy thriller subject.The teaser and trailer grabbed attention among the audience and Goodachari came up with a good buzz among the three releases today. The review of Goodachari follows here.

“Trinetra” is a National Security Agency which functions inside and outside India and have a direct contact only with Prime Minister to protect our country. None of the citizen in India knows that Trinetra exists. Arjun’s(Adivi Sesh) father is a solider in that agency who got killed by a Terrorist. From then Gopi aimed to join in that organisation and serve the country. In that process he met the heroine Sameera Rao and fell in love. Later he comes to know that she is not Sameera Rao but Sameera Sheik an undercover agent came to mislead Arjun. How Arjun joins Trinetra and fight with terrorists, what are the troubles he faces is the theme of the story.

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Artists Performances:
Adivi Sesh did a fantastic job as “Goodachari 116”. His took special care in looks a spy. In action sequences his body language was superb. Heroine Neha Dhulipala did a decent job. Jagapathi Babu got a different role this time and he nailed it. Prakash Raaj, Madhu Shalini, Vennela Kishore and Supriya Yarlagadda did their 100%. Another actor Anish Kurvilla got a good role and he justified it completely.

Technical Departments:

Sricharan Pakala’s music is good but his background score was terrific. He lifted many scenes to a higher level with his BGM. Cinematography by Shaneil Deo is good. Direction by SashiKiran Tikka is nice but special mention to the writing department. Adivi Sesh again mesmerized with his writing skills. his detailing about the subject was beautiful.Production Values are neat.They provided what required for the content even though within their limit

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1. Adivi Sesh
3.Action Episodes.

1.Emotions content
2.2nd half(At few places)

Bottom Line:
Adivi Sesh again came up with an Intense and Edgy thriller.


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