Will Baadshah Get Premiere Day Record In Overseas?


This is the question on the entire Young Tiger NTR fans mind looking at the overseas schedule of the film so far. Baadshah as we know is getting a record release for Telugu cinema in overseas with more than 200 theaters confirmed.

So far Jr NTR has been weak in overseas territory especially US with none of his films getting big revenue. While there have been few successes they weren’t of record breaking sorts. Pat comes the reply, about lack of planning and no big release. Well finally there wish seems to be fulfilled with Baadshah which is going to have a well planned release with record numbers of shows for premieres and the rest of days. Now will Young Tiger NTR deliver the goods and draw in a record number for the premieres which doesn’t have anything to do with actual content of the film and the reviews? What do you guys think?

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