Top 5 Flicks With Extraordinary Visual Effects


Visual Effects Movies In India:

The Indian Cinema is growing bigger and bigger every passing day and is competing with the world Cinema in terms of technicalities and grandeur. Movie field witnessed a huge development in special effects from the last decade and the makers are spending a bomb to make the audience step into their own world of fantasy. Let us see some top flicks which provided an eye treatment with respect to the special effects.

1. Robo:

This Shankar’s brainchild shook the entire country like anything with its spectacular graphics. The riveting contest between the good and bad Robo in this flick stole the audience like anything and made Shankar’s name well noted across the country.

2. 2.0:

touted to be the sequel of Robo, the director Shankar came up with never seen visual effects on any Indian Cinema till date. With more than 900 special VFX shots, this flick became the expensive flick ever in the Indian Film history.

3. Eega:

Visionary director Rajamouli’s creation of Eega became a sensation as the fly was created by graphics. The audience experienced jaw-dropping sequences with this fly and the antagonist throughout the flick.

4. Magadheera:

Rajamouli attempted a stunning love story dated back to four hundred years with this flick which is rich with special effects. Amazing use of graphics and love drama made this flick an Industry hit at that time.

5. Baahubali series:

With this series, the Telugu Cinema has reached the level of Hollywood in terms of technicalities. Rajamouli’s creation of an imaginary world Mahishmathi hooks the audience like never before resulting the flick to end up as the biggest flick of India.


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