Top 3 Must-Watch Vennela Kishore Comic Acts


Vennela Kishore has been in the industry for a very long time. He made his debut with the film Vennela that released way back in 2005. A long gap followed it, and then he stages a full-fledged comedian entry in the year 2009.


Current and Bindaas followed immediately, and there was no looking back. Dookudu, in 2011 was the next big jump in the league as a comedian. Since then he has been part of many small and big films playing mostly a tiny role in a big set up or being a sidekick to a big star or actor.


Below we take a look at three films that are truly the shining moments for Vennela Kishore as a comedian. These are the films where he steals the show from everyone else and marks the beginning of the journey as a star comedian.



Ala Ela (2014):

Vennela Kishore
Vennela Kishore

It was probably one of the earliest instances where Vennela Kishore was almost like a parallel lead. The movie came announced after several delays and ended up becoming a sleeper hit. The comedy and Vennela Kishore, in particular, deserve a lot of credit.


Ami Thumi (2017):


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This a more recent movie and quite literally can be called as a one-man show by Vennela Kishore. He was phenomenal in the comedy entertainer. The entire pace of the movie changes with the introduction of his character. Sri Chilipi is unforgettable. Watch out for the “Fits” sequence and “Kalamandir” rage.


Chi La Sow (2018):

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Maybe Rahul Ravindran is a lucky mascot for the comedian. First, it was a Rahul Ravindran starrer Ala Ela and here is the debut of Rahul Ravindran as an actor. The movie was a different attempt where the entire story happens in a night. There are limited characters, and Vennela Kishore stands out. The staircase running scene was one of the most original comic sequences in a long time. We promise you will be in splits watching his act in the movie.


A little late in the day, but hey, the wish is all that matters. Here’s wishing the most bankable and ever-improving comedian Vennela Kishore a happy birthday. We wish to see the top 3 list extend to top 10 in the coming years. 


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