Unique Clash For Sankranthi 2015



Looking at the way things are shaping up, it looks like we are going to see a very unique clash of sorts happening for Sankranthi 2015. As things stands today only Gopala Gopala starring Venkatesh in the lead and Pawan Kalyan in extended guest appearance is slated to have a big release for the festival with a near 90% possibility of release of Jr NTR’s next as well. However latest reports emerging indicate that another highly anticipated movie too might make it to the festival. The film is Rudramadevi 3D and this is where the clash gets interesting.

Gopala Gopala is a film with Venkatesh is in the lead where as Rana plays an important role in Rudramadevi 3D. Similarly Pawan Kalyan has an extended guest appearance in the former film where as Allu Arjun has a similar sort of role in the latter. What this means is actors from the same family would be clashing at the box office at the same time thanks to the casting. A clash of this kind hasn’t happened before in this sort of direct manner before. It will be surely interesting to look at their box office performance and the final winner among them.

On a closing note things would have turned even curious had Balakrishna too joined the Sankranthi race. Then there would have been an additional clash between Jr NTR and him too along with the above mentioned clashes. It isn’t still officially ruled out though so may be, may be, there is a glimmer of a hope somewhere to see this clash happening as well.

Who do you think will be the ultimate winner?


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