Trailer Impressions : NBK's 'Legend'


Director Boyapati Srinu is known for delivering High voltage Action entertainers packed with family sentiment in his films. After Superhit Simha Boyapati is back to show Nandamuri Balakrishna as ‘Legend’. Music and Theatrical Trailer of ‘Legend’ has been launched on March 7th. Boyapati has always released impressive theatrical trailers for his earlier films like Simha and Dhammu.

It is known that Bala Krishna is playing a dual role in ‘Legend’ and his look in older role impresses with Rudrakshas, ‘OM’ Tattoo on his neck and Kurta. Boyapati has shown balayya in his best look. So is Jagapathi Babu, he looks menacing with white beard in a villainous role opposite Balayya. No proper sight of heroines except Radhika Apte who appeared in one shot and she seems apt for NBK. Best part in trailer along with Balayya is visuals. Film looks lavish with cool visuals  and seems like chases have been captured very well particularly aerial shots of cars in desert catches attention.

Background score given by Devi Sri Prasad is impressive with his trademark beats. One aspect clearly missing when compared to Boyapati’s earlier trailers is his trade mark dialogues. Usually dialogues used in his earlier Trailers are powerful and catchy at the same time, but, this theatrical of ‘Legend’ clearly lacks such dialogues. Lets hope he saved the best for the movie. ‘Legend’ is all set to roar in theatres from March 28th.

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