Powerstar Birthday Sets New Indian Record


Top Twitter Trends In India. Pawan Kalyan Birthday Trend Takes First Place.


Powerstar Pawan Kalyan fans are on fire since yesterday. On the occasion of their idol and demigod Pawan Kalyan’s birthday, his supporters created a rampage online. Powerstar fans started a trend with hashtag #HBDJanasenaniPawanKalyan yesterday at 6 PM exactly. In the subsequent 24 hrs, they have generated the biggest trend online with over 7 Million tweets. To be precise, it is 7.4 million.

Top Twitter Trends In India
Top Twitter Trends In India

The previous best was a little over 4 million in Telugu cinema. It shows just how much fans of Powerstar adore their favourite star and sheer strength of their number online. With Pawan Kalyan, now in politics, this was a much-needed show of force. As the day is reaching the end, we once again at Cinecorn wish the Powerstar a Happy Birthday. 

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