Top 5 Facts about Rangasthalam That Will keep you Pumped about Its Release


Rangasthalam needs no introduction with the kind of waves it is creating in Telugu cinema. Termed as experimental by some, old school by others, concept based by most cinegoers, the anticipation for the teaser is a different level altogether.
Innovative posters by the makers(Mythri Movie Makers) have kept audience’s waiting with intrigue for the teaser and eventual release of the film.
Let us see the top 5 facts about Rangasthalam that will stroke the movie lover in us.
#1. This movie has Ram Charan Teja playing a deaf guy named Chittibabu. This kind of a differently abled character is probably the first from the mega stable. This makes it a concept driven movie where content is the king.
#2. RCT-Sukumar combination is another dimension that will keep movie lovers on the edge. Sukumar known for his penchant with intelligent/ thriller films will be directing RCT in this film. With Ram Charan in front of the camera, it will be exciting to see how Sukumar shapes up the film.
#3. The movie is set in 1985 that will evoke memories for a lot of families. This makes it a perfect family film.
It will prove to be nostalgia for a lot of parents with gold spot bottles etc revoking a lot of their sweet memories. Thus time travel is a huge part of the film.
#4. Samantha and Ram Charan Teja combination is another huge factor. The fresh pairing of two of the finest stars of Telugu cinema is highly anticipated. With both donning the role of villagers, the chemistry is another thing to watch out for.
#5. RCT tranformation from his last release Dhruva where he sported abs to this movie where he plays a villager is one heck of a factor to wait. His dedication needs no introduction and that will be reinforced again.

With able actors like Aadhi Pinisetty, Jagapathi Babu, Anasuya playing roles of importance, Rangasthalam is highly looked forward to.
Catch the teaser and let us know what you think about it.

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