Top 5 Best Debut Movies in Recent times


Every year many young directors aspire to put their story on screen. Fresh talent infusion happens and often brings about the best and most required change. These new storytellers are like a whiff of fresh air.
In the recent times, many movies have worked in the interest of the industry. Some of them are:
1. Pelli Choopulu: This Tharun Bhaskar film received love for its slice of life romance, gender dynamics, innovation and conveniently breaking the mould the industry has. With fresh characters, good humour, relatable problems and good music., Pelli Choopulu was a breakaway hit.
2. Arjun Reddy: This cult film broke many records. The aggressive protagonist and his break up moved many a soul. There was also an excellent uplift to the whole movie due to the supporting cast and their impact. Though the character of the heroine was not a well-defined arc, the film stuck with the audience. It gave Sandeep Reddy his break.
3. Chalo: Chalo is easily one of 2018’s best yet. The fun-filled romantic comedy with an excellent backdrop was well appreciated by all. Venky Kudumula succeeded in mixing the commercial and freshness in the best way. The dialogues won applause in theatres.
4. Tholi Prema: This Venky Atluri’s debut film has been loved and received. The story of Adi and Varsha has touched every heart. Good realistic dialogues and characterisation describe the film. Certain scenes are a hoot, and some make you cry. That is where this film succeeds.
5. Awe: This unique movie with dominant performances is one of the first of its kind. Directed by Prasanth Varma, Awe creates an impact like no other. The well-made movie traces itself on various emotions and cinematic expressions and ends on a subtle message.
These are some of the best movies made in recent times, and that would have caught your eye.
Let us know which is your favourite.

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