The Versatile Genius Of Prakash Raj – The Actor



Enough has been said about Prakash Raj and his acting skills. Numerous films and awards are a testament to this fact. So we aren’t going to list down his best acts instead we are going to look at the versatile genius of the actor Prakash Raj through two characters which on the face look similar but evoke completely different emotions.

We all have seen the film Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu and remember the character essayed by Prakash Raj in the film, some in a memorable way and some in a grudging way. What on surface appears to be a very simple character is very difficult to enact for the same reason because it has to convey a certain simplicity and happiness on face without giving the feeling of over emphasizing to the audience. This is what the actor in Prakash Raj pulls off effortlessly in Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu. This is the reason why the climax of the film works when Prakash Raj gives his views on family and values. Despite our indifferent attitude we take the character serious enough to get that message registered.

Now the actor plays the same sort of role in another film that released during the same time but the end result and effect is completely different. Be it our reception towards him or our acceptance of him, it is in complete contrast to the reaction of the viewer to the actor’s performance in SVSC. We are talking about the now completely forgotten Ongole Gitta. Here too on surface level it’s the same character that the actor had portrayed in Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu but the moment the camera focuses on him we know he is not a nice guy. All that required for the actor to do was put a little smile and grin and the entire texture of the character has changed and so has our feeling towards the character.

These two examples of similar looking but polar opposite characterizations is just a small example from the acting oeuvre of the National Award winning actor. That the actor still manages to evoke response from the audience doing a simple villain role for the nth time, is enough to tell about the acting talent of the actor. But it’s these small subtleties in performances giving varied output and evoking a different response each time and time over time, is what makes Prakash Raj an acting genius.

Here’s wishing the actor a very Happy Birthday. May your breed or actors prosper in numbers for years to come not just in Telugu or South Indian cinema, but the world over.


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