The 40 Cr Malaise Of Telugu Cinema


In Hindi cinema popularly referred as Bollywood it has the famous 100 Cr club where by any film that touches that mark is treated as a World Cup Winning moment. A film which does a 101 Cr is showered with the same praise as a film that does 199 Cr as they both belong to the coveted 100 Cr club. Now anyone with a common sense would know that’s not the way it should be.

A similar kind of malaise seems to be creeping in Telugu cinema as well with the coveted bench mark being 40 Cr. Any film that crosses this mark is automatically reported as a winner even if the distribution costs behind the film aren’t met, because 40 Cr is supposedly a flop-proof number.

But is that the case? Today a big film is being sold at prices that are going much beyond the 40 Cr mark and only a handful of films have actually managed to give the distributor a return. But cumulatively some of the films have crossed that mark despite being in the red for distribution. Can such films be called a big success purely based on the overall number?

So should the distribution prices be slashed? No not at all, that would mean a stagnation in market and everyone getting on the same page and playing it safe which would be so boring. What should be done instead is, the makers keeping extra effort on the script to give us a product that would justify the selling costs and in turn help increase the market. When today even a passable fare is getting a decent number imagine what a good film could do in the current scenario, think what the film industry is actually missing with this 40 Cr benchmark limitation of the industry by giving a false satisfaction of success and pride at that number.

We hope that, soon, with more films getting bigger numbers with better content, this small fraudulent sense of satisfaction at this particular juncture would come to an end.


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