TFI Shut Down –Huge Blow To Small Films


It is Friday today, and unfortunately, no film is hitting cinemas near you. The reason for that is a strike that has come into effect from yesterday. The producers and Digital Service Providers (DSP’s) are at loggerheads over the terms relating to Virtual Print Fee (VPF).

The producers from the four Southern states formed a Joint Action Committee and held discussions with DSP’s over the prices of VPF. The DSP’s are not agreeing to the terms of the producers which has created a deadlock. Both the sides look adamant.

The result has meant a total shutdown of theatres in Telugu states. It is not clear how long the strike will go on, but one thing is final, the small films are going to suffer. The summer ahead is filled with medium to big-budget movies involving known stars. Getting an open week is tough.

Right now there are no significant releases featuring a star, and hence there are visibly no cracks within the producers’ body. Would that be the case had the decision been taken amidst big movie releases? Would they still have made a similar decision?

The first film with notable financial stakes attached would arrive on March 16th. We have to wait and see if the issue is prolonged to that extent or not?

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