Telugu Cinema Box Office Explosion


What is the biggest hit of actor Kalyan Ram any guesses? And what’s the budget of his upcoming Friday release Om 3D? For those who have no idea it’s reported to be around 25 Cr. Now even if one doesn’t know what is the biggest hit of Kalyan Ram they would for sure know that it’s definitely not even close to the budget that’s been spent on the movie.

Similarly when was the last time director Gunasekhar had a hit, what are the collections of this past few films and what is the budget of his upcoming film Rudramadevi 3D. It is suffice to say that the gap is huge between them. Then on what basis are these folks investing such huge amounts on their films? When everyone knows they haven’t previously collected half of what they are investing now, why is no one surprised?

Coming to the big heroes we have Superstar Mahesh’s 1 Nenokkadine which is rumored to have a budget that is to the north of 60. We have Young Tiger NTR’s Baadshah which struggled to get a universal hit tag despite collecting big numbers. What has happened to the budgets and what’s the reason behind the lack of universal acceptability among the trade on Baadshah? telugu-cinema-tollywood-boxoffice-analysis-content-collections-trade-reports

The reason is simple, Telugu cinema market has exploded in the last couple of years. That is why not many are surprised when these actors/makers go out of their league with their movies because the expanded market today can factor in those increased amounts by giving them returns if their product is accepted. This is also the reason why today we have massive releases and there is a scribble for proper release dates. And finally this also a reason why films like Baadshah is failing to get universal hit acceptance among the trade. Because it has been sold keeping the current expanded market in mind and in this market the film has failed in overall terms despite getting big numbers which would have been considered blockbuster just a couple of years ago.

The bottom line now is that one should be prepared for many more biggies from now on and change one’s perception of the hit and flops according to the old standards. Keep the new market and new standards mind as we are going to see more and more films being made at big budgets. It’s a good time to be a Telugu cinema viewer, now if only they made good films.


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