Taxiwala And NOTA Stand As A Litmus Test For Vijay Devarakonda


Taxiwala NOTA Stands As A Litmus Test For Vijay Sai Deverakonda:

The youth Icon Vijay Devarakonda stunned all by signing a soothing subject under Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju director. This passionate hero is not leaving any character to showcase his acting skills for the Telugu movie lovers.

Taxiwala NOTA
Taxiwala NOTA

Even though he proved his market range with the 100 crores success of Geetha Govindam, critics of onscreen Arjun Reddy asks his fans to wait for the release of his upcoming movies to call him a star.

There were many young heroes in Tollywood who became overnight stars with a couple of flicks. The likes of Tarun, Uday Kiran etc enjoyed huge fanbase but failed to continue their stardom and ended up as failures.

Only Natural Star Nani crossed all these stages and reached the level of star status with eight continuous hits in a row. After Nani, only VD enters that hit list with three blockbusters among four flicks. He answered his critics who claim the hit of Pelli Choopulu as a fluke with the resounding success of Arjun Reddy.

With Geetha Govindam, VD set a new standard for the mid-range heroes by crossing a market of 60 crores of shares. In this stage of his career, the movie analysts state that his increased market would impact a lot on his upcoming movies.


According to them, the performance of his immediate next would declare how long his stardom would last in the Tollywood. For now, this hero got two flicks Taxiwala and NOTA lined up for release.

Until now, there are no good expectations on Taxiwala for poor promotions but the flick NOTA has made its way among the cine-goers.  Mehreen will be seen romancing VD in this big project.

Whatever might be the case, the success of these two flicks would show a huge impact on the career of VD in his long run.

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