Sye Raa Teaser Gets Extraordinary Response


Sye Raa Teaser Review And Response From Audience.

The teaser of Megastar’s magnum opus Sye Raa is setting the online world on fire. All the build-up that was given leading to the teaser and its release ‘on time’ and delivering on promise has lifted the spirits of the Mega fans, and movie lovers.

Sye Raa Teaser Review
Sye Raa Teaser Review

The visuals are striking, and Surender Reddy’s making and presentation have an instant triumphant reaction. All the doubts concerning the Chiranjeevi’s getup and physique have been put to rest with multiple shots focusing on the character and its look. Megastar is brimming with the excitement of trying something new and positivity in an assurance of its success. It can be felt via the teaser.

The British on top on the Indian’s and Narasimha Reddy on top of them can’t be missed and so is the background score by Amit Trivedi which is pulsating and goosebump-inducing stuff, with or without the visuals.

The teaser has now raised the expectation on Sye Raa to a new level altogether. The director Surender Reddy and producer Ram Charan need a shout out and applause for daring to attempt something on this scale and to be able to get the best output. There is still a long way to go, and we hope that the same intensity and momentum is carried until the end. Sye Raa arrives in cinemas in 2019.

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