SWOT: Ram Charan Govindudu Andarivadele



The big family movie of the year releases tomorrow. The kind of stage that director Krishnavamsi is in currently one wouldn’t have any sort of expectations but with ‘A’ star cast attached to the project there are some expectations and some hopes that the film might bring about revival of director Krishna Vamsi. Will that be a possibility, can the director make this opportunity count- we will know by this time tomorrow but now let’s take a look at its strengths and weaknesses.


Over the past few years there has been an overdose of comedy oriented mass ventures with over the top fights and illogical emotions, Ram Charan himself has been part of few such films. Amidst this trend audience have welcomed the two family oriented movies, one of which went on to become the highest grosser ever. The genre currently looks like the biggest strength of the film.

Casting of the film with all well known faces for important roles adds to the wholesome feels of the movie, especially, presence of Ram Charan and Kajal as the lead pair in the film.

Picturization of songs and emotional scenes which are strengths of director Krishna Vamsi could prove to be a major advantage of the film.

Finally the film has a superb release time and if it gets the right talk from the paying public, then we could be looking at huge revenue from the box office side.


An out of form Krishna Vamsi is a major weakness for the movie, not just a weakness but if his out of form continues he could be a major threat to the movie as well.

Music for the film has not clicked the way it should have, especially for a film like this.


Ram Charan could break away from his mass image and get acceptance among the family audience.
Director Krishna Vamsi could bounce back big time if the film clicks at the box office.


As said in the weakness director Krishna Vamsi is also the film’s biggest threat at the moment.

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