SWOT: Paathshala



The season of the biggies is over and its the turn of small films at the box office. Staring October 10 we will have multiple films releasing week after week till the release of a next biggie. Paathshala releasing this Friday is one among the small films that has created a buzz among the youth due to its innovative promotions. As the film hits the screens tomorrow, lets have a look at what could be its strengths and weaknesses.


Large numbers of films that are releasing today are adhering to a basic formula and follow a structure that has become extremely predictable. Amidst such predictability Paathshala promises a fresh plot and story which is the film’s ultimate strength.

There are very little expectations on the film which could also help is people being more open to accepting the content of the film.


While the actual film may contain some known faces, so far the pre release promos have not highlighted them to create a familiarity with the movie.

In the past we have seen many films coming with high concepts but failing due to lack of proper presentation and failure of the actors in bringing out the required emotions. This could be a major weakness for this film.


Chance of delivering a memorable film and creating name for oneself is always a high probability when a small film delivers.

Recognition for all the cast and crew of the film and in turn help in getting more opportunities.


There are multiple films releasing along with Paathshala along with a existing biggie in theatres. This means there is no chance of slip up and very little chance of pick up through word of mouth as people move from one film to another pretty quickly.

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