Suriya Not Backing Away From Diwali


batch 220px NGK poster

No matter what the buzz is dong online, the industry and the unit of Suriya’s upcoming film NGK (Nanda Gopala Krishna) is fixed for arrival on Diwali. In fact, the publicity material, posters, have been dispatched to distribution offices with confirmation of Diwali.

And yet, despite such clarity from the makers, there are still people who express the doubt whether the movie would make it or not and that if this is just a forceful tactic from the NGK unit. As many knows, NGK is clashing with Vijay’s Sarkar and given the current form of both the stars, many are predicting the Suriya starrer will avoid the clash. Let’s see how things pan out eventually.

NGK comes in the combination of Suriya and Sri Raghava whereas Sarkar is the hat-trick movie in the combo of Vijay and AR Murugadoss.

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