SRKs Chennai Express Preview Report


One of the most anticipated films of the year Chennai Express starring King Khah Shahrukh Khan is finally here. The actor known for his soft romances joins hands with Masala director Rohit Shetty for a Masala Action entertainer that the director is known for. The film is slated to release globally later today with paid previews shows all over but screening for the film has already started in few places across the globe. Here is a special preview from one of our sources.

The plot of the film is simple not brainless unlike the previous Rohit Shetty films but the director doesn’t miss out on brainlessness in the screenplay though. However the major difference between this and other films of the director is that Chennai Express lacks the zany moments and zing that are present in the director’s earlier films. It feels as if the director has deliberately restrained himself and avoided some of the crude stuff that generally creeps in his films, as it stars SRK. While this is a plus for the family crowds the film itself isn’t that exciting as a result, that is, it isn’t “masaledar” enough for its genre. In short Rohit Shetty’s natural fun is missing here.

Performances are in tune with the nature of the film. Most of them ham as expected but it is perfectly fine for the set up, however one could see a polarization in views with respect to Deepika’s performance and this could eventually be the big factor working for or against the film. There are a few moments which every SRK fan would instantly connect to thanks to the linkage with “Rahul” persona of the actor. Technically its slick with editing being the highlight, it keeps the film moving at a fast pace.


Chennai Express therefore in the end, delivers, but it’s not the knock out punch that the fans of the star were expecting it to be. It will be a good success thanks to its release timing but the shelf life isn’t expected to be a long one. To sum it up in SRK’s famous words “Haar ke bhi jeetne wale to Baazigar kehte hai – magar jeet ke bhi haarne wale cheez ko Chennai Express kehthe hai”.


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