Some Of The Best Comedy Tracks Of Sunil-Srinu Vaitla’s Combo


Best Of Srinu Vaitla-Sunil Comedy Scenes:

Sunil used to be a star comedian and he did a rib-tickling role under many directors. Especially with the entertainers specialist Srinu Vaitla, he generated lovely humor which will be lasted in the favorite list of movie lovers. These are our best picks from this combo:

1. Sontham:

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It is not an exaggeration to declare that Sunil is the main highlight of the flick Sontham. More than this flick, Sunil’s extraordinary comedy track with his friends and MS Narayana gained huge popularity and people love to watch those scenes often.

2. Dhee:

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Srinu Vaitla designed a lovely character for Sunil in superhit Dhee. Sunil as an assistant to don teasing Chari is a treat to watch. The scene where Brahmi revolts against Sunil under the influence of alcohol is the best one in the entire flick.

3. Ready:

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Continuing their hit combo, Srinu Vaitla and Sunil worked for the flick Ready with the character Janaki. Being a classical dancer with female expressions, Sunil worked wonders with this role.

4. Andarivadu:

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For the first time in his comedy career, Sunil tried a comedian role with some negative character in megastar starred Andarivadu. The scenes between Chiru and Sunil generated much-needed fun for the mega fans.

5. King:

Srinu Vaitla-Sunil Comedy Scenes
Srinu Vaitla-Sunil Comedy Scenes

Nagarjuna’s King marks the first time combination of this Akkineni hero and Srinu Vaitla. Sunil will be seen as Sharadh whose identity will be stolen by the male lead.


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