English Vinglish Preview Report


Actress Sridevi is returning to silver screen after a gap of nearly two decades with the Friday release English Vinglish. Here is our exclusive report of the film.

Its a simple, sweet and charming film. Although it has its share of predictability one doesn’t mind it due to the factors mentioned earlier. Sridevi is winner all the way. She gives a nice performance that is typical of her. Priya Anand has a little role and cameo by Amitabh Bachchan is good. There are a number of small characters that are well cast looking perfect for their roles. Music gives the film its feel. The characters and music together give the film a beautiful texture that makes for a pleasant viewing. As the trailers suggest it is not a massy film not even in the melodramatic sense. It gets to its point clinically and in largely subtle ways.

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Is the long wait worth for Sridevi, yes it is. In English Vinglish she has added another good film and performance to her long list of such achievements.

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