‘Sketch’ (Telugu) Review


What’s good: Vikram, Interval, and Climax, Music

What’s bad: Flat Making and Zero emotional connect

Popcorn break: Most of the second half before the climax

Watch or not: Not

Trade Talk: Sketch is going to be another one of those dubbed movies of Vikram that come and go without making much noise.


In the end, due to an unexpected climax, we feel there is something more to the film than what it actually leads us to believe. But the matter of fact is there is nothing in the movie barring an exciting setup and few intermittent portions.

The basic premise is a routine one for Chennai based crime sagas. In Sketch, we get a different gang, but the modus operandi feels so similar and gives a dejavu effect. Still, the characters are neatly established and so is the world they inhabit. With a crisp narration, the movie could have worked, like the whole interval block. But that is not the case as the commercial necessities overpower the thrilling aspects.

In the end, barring the interval and the ending, there is nothing much to take away from Sketch despite sincere and likeable efforts from Vikram. SS Thaman and other technical team do their work well and provide solid background support. It is the direction by Vijay Chandar and predictable writing involving clichéd drama that lets the movie down.

The last word: A weak Sketch that fails to grab attention.

Rating: 2.25/5

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