#MeToo Movement: Arjun’s Response To Sruthi’s Allegations


As we all know, Shruthi Hariharan has alleged the action king Arjun for sexually harassing her during the shoot, Arjun has responded on her comments just a while back.

Shruthi Hariharan
Shruthi Hariharan

Not touching the details of her allegations, Arjun has simply denied the statement given by the actress. Arjun said that he was shell-shocked by the allegations made by his co-actress and he stated that in his career of more than 150 films he has worked with more than 60 top heroines so far and he never faced or indulged in any sort of issues in his three decades career. He also mentioned that he still maintains good relations with all his heroines.


Arjun also made it clear that in fact, he is the one who has told the director of Nimbunan to tone down the romance scene as the actress is of his daughter’s age and he is very uncomfortable doing it. As per the reports close to the Arjun’s camp is to be considered, it is known that though Arjun has responded in a very formal way about her allegations, he would soon take a legal action on Sruthi Hariharan for making baseless allegations.


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