High Drama In Maa Association- Shivaji Raja Into A Controversy


Shivaji Raja Controversy In MAA  Funds Allegations: 


The Movie Artists Association current Chief Shivaji Raja is surrounded by a new controversy. Alleged to mis-utilised the funds of MAA, this actor is also tagged with the issue of cursing a reporter. Details of this sensational case in Tollywood as follows:

Shivaji Raja Controversy
Shivaji Raja Controversy

No one understood when the MAA President Shivaji Raja and its General Secretary Naresh arranged a special meet yesterday night. In the meeting, both declared that this meeting was organized to rubbish the rumours on MAA Chief. Naresh and Shivaji Raja declared that MAA funds are safe and the allegations are indeed fake. They also revealed that the fundraiser programme in the USA with Mahesh Babu as the Chief Guest is still on and asked the NRIs to stay updated for programme details. When a journalist questioned Naresh the reason for heated argument inside the Film Chamber prior to the press meet, the latter declared that the fight is nothing but a heated discussion between the MAA core members due to the difference of opinions.


However, the press says a complete contrast backstory of this meeting. It all started when an English Daily Deccan Chronicle published an article on Shivaji Raja. The gist of the article declares that the MAA head is misleading the funds of MAA for his personal benefits. As a result, Shivaji Raja is speculated to hold a meeting with that reported and abused him. The hurt reporter is going to file a defamation case on Shivaji along with revealing the proofs of Shivaji’s bad deeds. It is learned that Shivaji is going to approach the founder president of MAA, megastar Chiranjeevi to use his influence to get a clean chit.

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