Samantha Is Old Hence Removed


It is by now known to all that Samantha has been removed from Mani Ratnam’s upcoming film Kadal. However the reason for her removal seems to be under a bit of ambiguity at the moment. samantha-out-of-mani-rathnam-kadal-movie-reasons

There are two versions floating at the moment in the industry one from the production side and another is the heroine’s version. Here is how the two versions go. The production says that Mani Ratnam and cinematographer Rajeev Menon were not happy with the looks of heroine Samantha who seems to be looking much older than the hero of the film Gautham. As the film requires the heroine to look younger and be in teens she has been removed.

Heroine Samantha has a very simple school kid like reason that she was ill. With her sustained illness all her dates were getting mixed up which involved films that were nearly finished or half completed. So for a better management she dropped out of Kadal which has not yet started its major shoot.

Whatever may be the reason its Samantha’s loss as it was her dream to work with director Mani Ratnam.

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