Kick 2 – Still Undecided, Mogul Jumps In


Kick 2, starring Salman Khan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala was the first to announce a Christmas 2019 release date. However, there has been only an announcement and no script development. Whatever is on paper, is not liked by the star.

Meanwhile, the same festival date has been locked by the Mogul film. It is a biopic on Music Legend, Gulshan Kumar. And none other than Aamir Khan is backing the project. While the star will not be acting in it, he is involved as a producer. Aamir Khan is reportedly in talks with Ranbir Kapoor to play the title role.

As if Mogul was not enough, even Akshay Kumar has decided to come on the Christmas 2019 with his Hera Phera series. A third part has been in plans for years and looks like it is finally getting a go-ahead. Despite two other biggies making their intentions clear, the first one to announce the arrival, Kick 2 team is still not clear on what to do.

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