SWOT Analysis: Ek Tha Tiger



Salman Khan the star with the golden run with three back to back 100 Cr films. Yash Raj Productions the premiere production house in the country. Ek Tha tiger brings the two power houses together. There is a tremendous expectation and excitement on the film. Lets see what are its strengths and weaknesses.

Salman Khan’s popularity being at an all time high, post back to back blockbuster successes.
Salman Khan for the first time working with Yash Raj Productions has given further hype to the film.

High expectations
Director not used to making mass movies.

With the Independence Day holidays followed by a Ramzan holiday the film has a fantastic 5 days ahead of it.
The ticket prices for the film have been jacked up at all the multiplexes across the country.
No big releases before and after the release of the film gives the film the maximum possible release for a Hindi film ever.
Above factors combined gives the film a real shot at surpassing the 3 Idiots life time collections.

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Here are no threats for the film apart from the over expectations from the fans. Especially with a director like Kabir Khan who doesn’t specialize in making the mass movies.

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