Saakshyam Movie Review


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After the failure of Jaya Janaki Nayaka Bellamkonda Sreenivas now came up with a typical subject Saakshyam- Nature is the Witness. Though there are many reasons for the failure of his last movie Bellamkonda Sreenivas gave his 100% for that. He needs a bit of luck and a right subject. Now he had chosen the script which was narrated by Sriwaas about the nature and it’s elements. So let’s see how this subject changed the fate of Bellamkonda.


With the teaser and trailers of Saakshyam, it was evident that this movie is about nature and it’s five elements. Also how nature is witness to the crimes which were done by people and also how they avenge them through humans. So In this story, a person lost his whole family by the atrocities of a villain and how that person takes revenge on him, without knowing about revenge himself, is the basic plot of this story.

Artists’ Performances:

Bellamkonda Sreenivas is getting used to the camera from movie to movie. Now in this film, he looked with more confidence in front of the camera when compared to his previous films. But the usual type of characterisation is not right for his carrier. He needs to change his characterisations as well as his body language to avoid monotony.

Pooja Hegde, as usual, has been used as a glamour doll throughout the movie. While some scenes were written for her outside the songs, they had no impact on the audience because of too dramatic.

Other senior actors Jagapathi Babu, Rao Ramesh, Jaya Prakash, Pavitra Lokesh and Vennela Kishore did their job decently.
Sharath Kumar and Meena confined to limited scenes only.

Technical Departments:

Music by Harshavarsdan Rameshwar is pretty average in this movie. Soundarya Lahari song is the only one we can hum and the rest are there just for namesake. But the picturization of every song is beautiful. Background score good according to the situation. Arthur Wilson photography is the biggest plus for this movie. Frames and block settings are perfect. Artwork also takes some credit. Production values are on top notch. CGI could have been better at places. Direction and writing is a big blow to this movie. While making a very critical subject writing department has to be very careful. Logics shouldn’t miss at the same time it must be engaging. This whole process lacks in this movie.


1.Bellamkonda Sreenivas(He maintained the same tempo throughout the movie)
2.Pooja Hegde glamour.
3.Production values.

3.Lag both in 1st and 2nd half.


Bellamkonda Sreenivas has to wait for his next movie to get a decent success.

Rating: 2.5/5

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