RX100 movie review.


Release Date:12 july 2018.
Cast: Karthikeya, Payal Rajput, Rao Ramesh, Ramki and others.
Director: Ajay Bhupathi.
Music Director: Chaitan Bharadwaj.
Cinematography: Ram.
Banner: Kartikeya Art Works.


“RX100” movie created some hype in the audience with its unusual title. After the release of the trailer, the buzz got increased, and everyone felt that there is some matter in the movie. So it got decent publicity before the release itself. Let’s see what’s there in this movie.


In the village, Athreyapuram Vishwanatham (Rao Ramesh) and Daddy (Ramki) are very close to each other, and they work together in the politics. Daddy plays a crucial role to get Vishwanatham to succeed in the local president elections. Shiva(Karthikeya) lost his parents when he was very young, and since then Daddy takes care of him, and Shiva helps Daddy in his works.

Indu (Payal Rajput) comes from Bangalore and see Shiva dancing without a shirt and fell in love with him. One day she proposes to him, and from then their love story begins. But there arises some disputes between Daddy and Vishwanatham and gets separated. At last Indu decided to tell her father about her love story and what happens to their love story is the remaining plot.


Hero Karthikeya as it is his debut got confused between anger and irritation. He always looks irritating despite giving anger expressions. Also in emotional scenes, he needs to improve a lot.

Payal Rajput looked beautiful as Indu and also did a good job overall. She was fantastic towards the end. Rao Ramesh again excelled in the role of Heroine’s father character. There are some various shades in his character, and he balanced each one. Veteran actor Ramki got a proper role, and he played it perfectly.


Director Ajay Bhupathi comes from the school of RGV, and his influence on him is clearly shown on the screen through camera angles. He selected a real story which has interesting points in it, but they could have been executed more appropriately rather than dragging the scenes which are unnecessary at times.

The movie starts well establishing various characters and their relations, but once the critical point and conflict are locked, the narrative fizzles out. The second half is dragged needlessly to reach to an expected end.

The cinematography is good. The cinematographer has shown the village atmosphere beautifully. Music by Chaitan Bharadwaj is very lovely. A couple of songs in the movie are very soothing. Editing work could have been better especially in the second half.


1st half hero and heroine’s romantic episodes.
Location (every scene is taken in natural places)
Rao Ramesh’s performance


Hero performance.
Lag in the 2nd half.
Editing work.

Final Verdict: RX100 is a bold and rustic movie that is made for the youth. It has its moments, but the hero spoils.

Rating: 2.25/5

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