“Rowdy” Telugu Actor into the Entrepreneurship


The Present sensational actor Vijay Deverakonda again becomes the talk of the town by entering into the business. He launched an application(app) named “ROWDY” which is used for e-commerce.

Through the Rowdy app, we can purchase fashion and lifestyle products. Vijay Deveraakonda came up with a different idea to start an app by himself and sell fashion wear through online rather than opening stores. Vijay succeeded in promoting his brand by naming it as “ROWDY” which is very intriguing and also it raised some curiousness among the Telugu people to know the quality of its products. But it may take some time to get these products available to citizens.

Whatever it is Vijay Deverakonda came up with an innovative idea, and we have to see how the brand goes into the market.
You can download the app here:


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