RGV, Jagan, H.Shankar Teams Up To Direct RT.


I am making a film with Telugu star Ravi Teja at Zero cost – RGV

Immediately after Appalraju’s release on February 4th, I am starting a Telugu film with Ravi Teja from February 11th.
It is going to be a highly entertaining Action Thriller. Charmi, Ajay and Subba Raju will be playing certain key roles and the rest of the cast is being finalized. Everyone knows that normally a film takes between 100 to 150 days to shoot and more than 150 to 200 people will be working on it.

The unique thing about the film I am doing with Ravi Teja is that this two hour long feature film will be completed in just 5 days start to finish, with a unit of just 8 people and at a zero cost. No one in this film including the actors, technicians and equipments suppliers are going to be paid any remuneration. It will be made only with those actors and technicians who are excited to be a part of this project.

All the people who work for this project will only be paid after the release of the film that is if and only the film makes profits and those payments will be in accordance with their individual value additions. My primary intention of doing this film is to establish a fact of how it is possible to use a certain aspects of present day technology to make a 2 hour theatrical film in just 5 days and with zero cost.

The technology I am adapting for this film is going to once for all prove that it’s not Crores of rupees that we need but it’s just a story which excites all concerned and a desire in all of them to see the film happen. The film will be released on March 11th that is exactly one month from the start date of the shooting which is February 11th.

– Ram Gopal Varma

P.S: Puri Jagan will be co-director and Harish Shanker (Mirapakaya) will be my associate director for this project.

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