Ravi Teja's Veera Movie Milli Review


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As we have mentioned yesterday in our Censor report Veera bares and uncanny resemblances with the past blockbusters like Samarasimha Reddy, Indra. Veera played by Ravi Teja joins as a bodyguard to protect a family and befriends and stars to love Tapsee. All of a sudden there is an attack on Veera. Who is the attacker and why did he target Veera is to be witnessed on screen.

Coming to the film Ravi Teja once again shows his command in emotions and mass mannerism and plays his dual role superbly. This time however the heroines too join him in the fun and they too does well. The songs are shot very well in a very colorful and energetic way typical of a Ravi Teja film by now. Music and background score by S Thaman is a big plus for the movie. As there haven’t been any proper mass films for a long time, Veera is bound to satisfy the thirst of mass audience. With four open weeks ahead Veera looks certain to create a mark at box office.

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