Ramayya Vastavayya Premiere Show Report



Another most awaited film of the year Ramayya Vastavayya hits the screens all over today. The premieres of the movie have already been concluded and here is the report from our source.

Ramayya Vastavayya is a pretty simple and straight forward revenge tale told using the flashback technique that we have seen countless times before and one that Young Tiger NTR himself has done few before. What Harish Shankar does differently here is fit all the “best of” Jr NTR moments into this predictable narrative. Best of dances, massy moments and action (loud and subtle), everything is rolled into this one in addition to the freshly designed grounded comic act for the star in first half.

This one man show concept is where the film falters a bit too, especially in the second half. The predictable narrative with sudden change in gears doesn’t look cohesive and drags as a result. Add to it some over violence, one almost reaches a messy stage mid way in second half. In the end the director tries to camouflage all that with twist but that doesn’t work as well as he has intended. Second half of movies have been a problem in all Harish Shankar movies so far, this one too doesn’t seem to be any different.

In a nutshell, Ramayya Vastavayya is a movie for the fans. They will love Jr NTR. It is a movie aimed at masses, they would like it, irrespective of its predictability. But it has a ceiling in current time’s, box office wise and this ceiling means the full fledged potentiality of the star would be missed again. If Baadshah was one side of the coin, this would be the other. For full fledged potential one has to perfectly thread the two.


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