Racha Premier Show Report


Racha is a typical commercial flick on the lines of say a film like Bunny. Only it doesn’t have the comedy of Bunny. Although there are many comedians the comedy and entertainment in the film mainly rests on the young shoulders of Ram Charan and he seems to have tried his best. If his ability to entertain single handedly clicks with the audience the film would be a major success for Ram Charan after the disastrous Orange.


Fights, songs and interval block are said to be highlights of the film. Despite its predictability the film moves at fast pace through out and it is the biggest strength of the film.

Performances by the main lead are really good with both Ram Charan and Tamannah doing enough justice.

Technically the film is good but the editing is poor. Fights have come out very well and especially the bamboo forest fight in the second half is superbly executed. The climax fight is a let down compared to that.

It’s A Mass Entertainer!

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