Ram Charan Is 'Mumbai Ka Hero'


A special song featuring Mega Power Star Ram Charan and heroine Priyanka Chopra has been completed for the upcoming of Ram Charan titled Zanjeer. It is said to be a hip hop number with great dance moves by Ram Charan. The director of the film Apoorva Lakhia was so impressed with the moves that he has called Ram Charan ‘Jackson ka Baap’ (father of Michael Jackson).


As said earlier this is a special song and would not be part of the film but will be used for promotion of the film. Earlier a song was shot completely on Priyanka Chopra which is said to be her introduction number in the film. Zanjeer is a remake of yesteryear Amitabh Bachchan film of the same name. It is slated t have a release later in the year.

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