Ram Charan's Govindudu Andarivadele Preview Report



The much awaited family movie of the season has finally arrived. Shows of the movie have commenced at few places worldwide, here is a report from one of our sources.

First of all one has to say that the idea behind making the movie has succeeded that is to get an image makeover. The emotions and the content of the movie is something that has not been seen among recent films which is to say that it doesn’t adhere to recent entertainment formula trend. It is predictable in its own way and has a long history through films of Krishnavamsi. The director’s natural exuberance is toned down a bit which makes the film a bit flat at times but still his style of comedy involving the main characters works. The emotions are also done with the right balance and are surely expected to strike a chord, although its not on extraordinary either.

Overall at box office performance of the film would be better than the expectations that one might have had with Krishnavamsi as director. The final range of the movie depends on how well the movie sustains after the holidays period along with the patronage of the family audience.


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