Puri Jagannadh orders Thaman suffers


Music director SS Thaman who had arrived on the Telugu music scene few years ago with a bang has from then on slowly created a name for him. Peppy songs with energetic rhythms has been his forte and he has been delivering them consistently too. Currently the young music director has left behind all the competition and has laid a true claim to being the top music director of Telugu cinema with almost all the biggies in his hand.

Now where does Puri Jaganadh figure into all these, confused? Well read on. The young music director so far in his few years of career has faced lot of criticism too that off being too noisy or giving repetitive music or having no variations and things like but has so far never been accused of copying or lifting music i.e. plagiarizing. But finally with Businessman, Thaman had to face this charge too.

And this is where Puri Jagannadh comes into picture. It is believed that it’s on the force or insistence of the director that many music directors have to lift a particular song. Many such instances like this can be seen in the past too in Puri Jagannadh films where by to finish the film in time and at the same time to have a popular chartbuster song the director asks the music director to re arrange an already existing popular tune. The blame however almost all the time falls on the music director though. Now whether Thaman was a victim of such circumstance or really a copycat can be known only in the future if the music director lifts another tune. For the time being we believe he should be given a pass, especially for a film of Puri Jagannadh film looking at his history.


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