Prabhas's Mirchi Preview Report


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Young Rebel Star Prabhas’s Mirchi releases all over today. The film has already had premieres all over and here is an exclusive report from our sources.

Mirchi begins slowly in a very classy manner with hints at some mass moments ahead through the character of Richa Gangopadhyay and her family. First half of the film is basically a build up for those mass moments and when the time comes it delivers moderately.

The second half of the film begins with the flashback and also has the presence of Anushka. The best part of the film is said to be this flashback. Post the flashback the film returns to being average again with a bit of dragging. On a whole the second half is better compared to the first half.

Overall the film leaves one unsatisfied not because it’s as bad as the last film of Prabhas but because a lot more entertaining film could have been on hands with the same content. The film is just flat, that is its main problem. The energy is missing overall despite few sparks throughout. The run of the film depends purely on how well the ‘classes’ embrace the film.


Read MIRCHI Movie Review Here.


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