Prabhas Fans Worried About His PAN India Image


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The Rebel Star Prabhas is no more a Tollywood hero as his image spread across India. Such hero’s movies are now getting released in more than two languages after the Baahubali. More than happiness, his hardcore fans and Tollywood analysts are now worried about his PAN Indian image for a particular reason.


Not all movies can have Universal appeal and makers should gauge a script before releasing in more than one language. Directors like Shankar, Rajamouli, Mani Ratnam etc always come with such scripts which have a possibility to release in any language across India. With the gigantic hit of Baahubali series, the demand for Prabhas had grown in National level.

The result is the tri-lingual release of Saaho in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi. As this is not enough, Prabhas’s recently signed project under the director Radha Krishna is also speculated to be trilingual. This Jil fame director claims that his story has the potential to release it in any movie industry.

Here comes the main concern. The leading film analysts say that Telugu movie industry is completely different from any other regional cinema so the screenplay and presentation won’t match with others. They showcase the examples of Spyder which made as a bilingual in Telugu and Tamil which completely missed the Telugu nativity.


More than anything, Prabhas is a Telugu hero and his fans would hurt if they miss the Telugu nativity in his movies. They are hoping Saaho and his future flicks do not miss the much-needed nativity in them. If directors are well aware of this point, then there will be no issue and we all will be more than happy to see the success of a Telugu hero in National level.


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