Prabhas Rebel Exclusive Report


Finally the much awaited film of young rebel star Prabhas is all set to release worldwide today 28th Sept. in record number of theaters for Prabhas. First show of the film has been completed and here is our exclusive report.

The films begins well and continues in an engaging fashion for most part of the first half. Comedy involving Brahmandam seems to have come out well, especially scenes involving Brahmanandam, Prabhas and Tamannah. The first half ends with a bang in the interval, raising expectations on the second half.

Unfortunately second half seems to be a major downer taking the graph of the film down. It has a number of fights and has lots of violence. For the film to work at the box office the fights have to click with masses and this seems to be an arduous task.

Overall Rebel is a run of the mill commercial film with a poor second half. Lets see how the masses receive it. Stay tuned for our exclusive review coming up at 8 AM.

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