Happy Birthday To ICON Of TFI – Powerstar Pawan Kalyan


PowerStar Pawan Kalyan’s Special Birthday Article:

There are many stars in Telugu cinema. Stars do movies and movies create the fans. The more the success, the larger the fan base, and it is how the star system operates. There is a “chain” system working here, and every star is bound to it. As a result, many stars get success following a formula that is set. Stars following formula chain are so tied to it that they eventually become slaves to success.

PowerStar Pawan Kalyan
PowerStar Pawan Kalyan

Once in a while, comes a star that breaks the formula and creates a fan base. It is a rare happening. Even rare is the star breaking the “chain” and shackles of stardom and becoming and meaning something more. He becomes an icon who is more significant than relative success and failure of the movies they star in. He gets celebrated for what he is, rather than what he makes. A star that genuinely transcends the commercial realms. It happens with a personal connection. Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is that rare iconic star of Telugu cinema.


When people talk about the grand comeback, it is a mere reinforcement of the Iconicity. Had it not been for that, Power”star” would surely have been history long ago, and no amount of success could bring that collective tears of applause.


It is that ‘personality’ which has taken a different shape politically. The Janasena takes that personal connection to the next level, the ‘reel’ is merging with ‘real’. It is an entirely different space altogether where “icon” has to be reborn. He has to win new fans. On the occasion of the birthday of Pawan Kalyan, we wish the Powerstar becomes an ICON again, this time politically.

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