Powerstar Mania All Over AP for AD 100th Day



Today was the 100th day of Pawan Kalyan’s Atharintiki Daredi and people got to know once again why he is called the Powerstar? All over the state scenes of first day were recreated on the 100th day, additional shows were added and not even a single ticket was available in booking as everything was sold in advance. Fans were busy with flurry of activities like rallies, blood donations and other such celebratory events. There were slight murmurs recently and this fantastic response seems to be an answer to those.

This is the second time in two consecutive years that such hysteria has been witnessed on the 100th day of a Powerstar film. It was Gabbar Singh last year and its Atharintiki Daredi now. The film being an Industry Hit was like an additional bonus this time. This is extremely commendable in the current times because today it’s very difficult for a film to reach 100 days because of the huge releases. That a star has managed to create this storm in two consecutive years definitely calls for a celebration. Can he make it three in a row with Gabbar Singh 2, later in the year? We have to wait and see.


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