Pihu Trailer Storming The Internet Across Indian Cinema


Vinod Kapri Pihu Trailer Report:

The entire Indian Film Industry is witnessing a complete change in the scripts. Makers are no longer interested in time-tested formulas and they rather are showing their love and desperation to come up with an out of box script.

Pihu Trailer
Pihu Trailer

The flick Pihu belongs to a completely new kind of genre where the trailer immediately grabs the interest of movie lovers. The trailer which released yesterday is on a rampage of views on Youtube.


This flick is all about a girl Pihu who has locked herself inside an apartment along with her parents who are out of consciousness. The entire flick would revolve around the baby girl who experiences many series of sequences inside the house.


The trailer is intriguing and interesting at the same time. Buzz raised to Sky the moment the makers revealed that this script is based on true events.


Directed by Vinod Kapri, this social thriller will be out on 16th November. Movie lovers can’t wait to experience this baby girl’s life inside that house who incidentally caught herself into accidental situations.


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Watch Pihu Trailer Here

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