Pedavi Datani Matokatundi Movie review


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Along with a big budget movie Saakshyam, a small budget one Pedavi Datani Matokatundi is released today. There is no buzz on this movie and the team didn’t promote much either. So let’s see if it has merits to withstand along with other movies.


Tarun(Raavan) is a janitor in a LemonTech software company. Subrahmanyam(Naresh) is his father who fixes CC TV cameras in the houses. Aahana(Payal Wadhwa) is an art student. One day Tarun hacks the camera which is fixed in Aahana’s house to know her and what she’s doing. Daily he watches her through his mobile. One day his phone gets hacked and he unwantedly joints in a CUPID group. What is a cupid group and why he became a cupid and what are the tasks he has to do as a cupid to make his love successful is the remaining plot?
Artists’ Performances:
Both the hero and heroine got introduced with this film. They need to improve a lot particularly the heroine. Raavan is okay at many points but needs to work hard for the perfection. Overall decent work by him not that bad.
Coming to heroine she tried to imitate the moods various situations provides but it didn’t work at all.
Again, senior actor, Naresh got a good role and he justified it completely without any remarks. Another actor who acted as a cupid also did a decent job.
Technical Departments:
Music by Zenith Reddy is average. But the background score is okay. Photography is good within the limited budget. But the movie looks like a short film on the whole.

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Coming to the direction department T Guru Prasad firstly tried to make a new attempt with cupid concept but didn’t execute completely. Lots of boring scenes in the movie. Director tried to generate comedy in many parts but that failed miserably. If he had tried this subject in a serious note totally it would have been a better output. In the pre-climax, a sudden twist with Naresh character lifts the movie to some level but the damage had already done from the beginning.

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